Things to know when traveling by tour

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  1. Ask about prices

When did want to select certain tour then you should call detailed questions about the conditions attached, such as how much you have free time, you will be free what, especially the details of the story Dining in view fare included everything yet. Especially when choosing a foreign tour, you should ask the price of the ticket includes entrance fee money for entrance fees are not tourist attractions in some countries very high.

  1. Select tour tastes, ages

Should choose a tour with a companion who has more in common with you to have the most enjoyable trip.

Besides, you also need to consider the purpose of the trip and myself preferences to select suitable tours. Do not be afraid to ask travel agencies information about who will accompany you in the same tour as the number of people you come with, sex, age.

  1. Aware scheduling

When booking the tour, tourists have to learn about tour schedules can see with the wishes and demands of you. Also, do you find out before the destination and prepare certain about where you will go through.

  1. Befriend guides

Tour guide who understands the terrain destinations, local culture, cuisine, scenery … and will give you useful advice. Do not hesitate to ask for more information from the guides, they will be happy to answer questions and help guide you. For example, where delicious food is cheap, so buy presents nothing here, no safety bar, do not be the next destination.

  1. Precautions lost

Usually these tourists all want separate delegation to own at least half a day to explore on their own destinations or go shopping, visiting acquaintances. Before the split the trade union or out of the hotel, you necessarily please phone numbers of guides, you bring together several groups and hotel cards.


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