Traveling to Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

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Other times, going from Bao Loc to Saigon encountered rainstorms, Tung lose your phone, in your pocket just a mere two 8000 contract, motorbike, then cried out of gas without knowing anyone. Tung said: “Then suddenly I felt between Saigon vast, sand particles so small as that.” The only way out is to take Tung think your phone, go online for help. Fortunately then timely assistance acquaintances if not both of you do not know where to rely on.


With Tung, the most impressive of this trip is to visit the easternmost – Nose Sometimes, located in Van Thanh Commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province. That day, Tung and you go from morning till late at night 3-4h that in the abdomen just sip water and crumbs, accompanied the downpour to heart, discouraged. In the afternoon the two of you to the point of traveling the car and started walking very tired despite long way to go seamlessly without interruption. Add to that the long sandy beaches and subsidence plus bag essential belongings brought very heavy, particularly miserable camera, tripod and bag tent. They find their way to the house to pay two – who guided the easternmost but due to lost sales should not see traveling. This time it was dark, deserted between only dim light from a flashlight.


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